> We are the students of this school.
> Because we rule in-the school.
> Keep rocking live life king size.
> Never give up.
> Because we have rocking teachers.
> Because our students are smart enough to balance b/w bunking & studies.
> It’s the greenest school in the whole of Delhi.
> We all are Dabbangg of the school
> Tension dene ka, lene ka nahi.
> C’mon yaar, we guys rock.
> We rock!
> Because we have a genius principal.
> Jai mata di!! Let’s rock.
> Hey our school muuuuaaahhh!

> Of its canteen.

> Blue bells model school is super cool!!
   No space for fools!!
   It’s our world of dreams…..
   Blue bells runs in our genes!!
   We bloom like flowers, we gloom like stars.
   We shine like the sun, we sparkle like the moon.

> We laugh we shout, we hovel we play.
   We succeed in every way.
   We’re indebted to it in every way.
   We rock the sky we shook the ground.
   We talk the walk! We lock the mock.
   We are in the trillions.
   We are blue bellians.

> Because it’s our adda of fun!! We are allowed to express our opinions.
> Because they give us the opportunity to show our talents.
> The lifeline of gurgaon.
> We are full of life especially our students teachers & the management.
> Because of rocking students like us.
> Because each day is filled with laughter & pranks. We love us!!
> Because my friends are there.
> Be honest, be brave! Its our family!
> I have spent a part of my life here.
> I got here the best friends.
> Because of the understanding b/w students & faculty.
> Teachers are very interesting.
> Because here we made very beautiful memories which we will cherish forever.
> I love my school because school roxxxx
> BBMS Rocks
> Because of the presence of XII C.
> It’s our second home.
> Volley ball.
> Because there is too much to study & we don’t study.
> It’s a fun filled school where everyday is paradise!!
> I just love my school anyway.

> It is not a school it is an institution a forum for thinkers and expressionists
> A guiding light for best souls being in Columbus is an experience
> A journey that converts boy’s like us into men!

Guru Nanak Public School
> Our school rocks because “Rising stars are prevailing in this school”.
> Rock-because of some superstars who are genius to rock this small world soon.
> GNPS Rocks :- It strives to rise.
> Because India got all the talent from here
> Here, our heart lives
> It not only teaches subject but moral values too
> Because we are like family
> koi mukabala nai jagg te
> Because I am here from nursery and my experience is awesome
> Great teachers & great school
> Because of colorful teachers in our school
> Because of hidden talent
> Here lightening star lives
> Because XII-B is a part of it
> Every moment spent in GNPS is unforgettable
> Because we all are here since our childhood & all childhood memories belongs from this place
> Our teacher are frank
> Nobody fails here
> 12TH – 2011 – 12 osam batch is a part of MSMS
> Unity lies in bunking together XII-C
> East or west 12th C is the best.
> We have good company here.
> All the staff are awesome people who study & teach here.
> 12 best years of our lives.
> Hum hum hai our baki kum hai XII-C Roxxxx!!!!
> We have grown up here, through thick and thin.
> My school rocks as we have the light of democracy.
> Because of our talented & rocking faculty. Love you school.
> Because our teachers & principal sir & students are the best.
> We spent our quality time here.
> Because XII C rocks.
> We rock it. We are a part of it.