The duty of a school, many say, is to teach. These are the ones who learnt nothing at school. School is a Temple of education; a Monastery of higher growth. It is not about the chalk on the blackboard but the whole experience of school going. It is not about the teachers but the platform of self learning. In fact ‘school’ comes from a Greek word that means leisure!!

Truly speaking, the power of a school can only be felt, not measured.
We at IIPM advocate the same. We believe in engineering an environment that induces growth, not one that enforces it.
Every year we fuel the indomitable young minds to freely express their views on the most relevant and immediate issues. This year, the focus is on Nuclear. Nuclear of every sort is heinous and the notion only gets stronger when we look at the horrendous repercussions of nuclear weaponry over the decades. Hence, the theme ‘Clear the Nuclear’ is most apt to battle for a better tomorrow.
When young minds 'Unite', they design the state and fate of a clear and dear future.