In the build-up to Cicero 2012 we visited over 100 schools in Delhi-NCR to carry out an interactive collage making competition and our efforts were immensely well received by the school authorities. Building on the success, we are back with Cicero 2013. The theme of Ciceros Carnival 2013 is ‘Speak Up’. The theme ‘SPEAK UP’ is a shout to give a voice to the people of India. Come to think of it, our recent memory is littered with unquotable scams, scandals and tragedies that would tear even the strongest of hearts. But, can a single ray of light penetrate this dense fog of cynicism? We at IIPM believe your voice can. If a unified, unequivocal voice materialises from the scattered belief in our ability to change things, even the largest of hurdles can be quashed. Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. And who better to take the first step than our students, the future leaders of the world.