Polished shoes, ironed uniform, books in the school bag set to go and a small crumpled piece of paper which is imprinted with barely handwritten literature, would suggest an opinion practiced to perfection and waiting to cause revelations and start revolutions. Cicero, a great orator who baffled the world in dialogue and debate, today is a symbol of verse in the great Indian Debate Cicero’s Challenge 2007. Over 30 National Schools of India and 10 International Schools from Dubai, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka converged at the International Institute of Planning and Management international campus in Chattarpur.

Nervousness!! A common feeling. To destroy!!! A mutual understanding and competition reigned supreme. Students from all over the world had come and battled it out on the fine morning of preliminary rounds.
An intense session of questions and answers bellowed through the auditorium. While some answers were followed by a resounding applause some fell on deaf ears of illogical taste. With the sweat off their brow and the strength of their voice, participants waited to hear each speaker to make their own judgments of co participants. The judges had a tough time eliminating but a decision had to be made. With each speaker being better than the last and each comprising of invaluable information and content made the decision seem extremely tough.

The decision was made. On looking at the participants one would think the day was the grand finale, it was just the beginning!!! A total of 20 participants were dismissed, leaving 20 others in the queue to fight for the grand cheque of Rs.100000 sponsored by HCL. The preliminary debate seemed like an eternity moving in slow motion with brakes on in comparison to the time it took for the next day to arrive .The stage was set, the participants were in place, the panel of judges consisted of Prof.Arindam Chaudhuri, Ms.Lushan Dudey and Dr.J.K.Moitra. The participants reigned from schools hailing from Ladies College Sri Lanka, Holy Family Convent School Sri Lanka, Gate Way International Sri Lanka, St.Joseph School Sri Lanka, Al Diyafah High School, Our Own English High School Dubai, and Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Pakistan, the students seemed nervous, but after a vigorous round of debates and gruelling cross questioning session a winner emerged.

Sachinath Dias from St.Joseph School Sri Lanka quoted “It was a tough competition but well what can I say I guess the best speaker won.” Mehnaz Mannan from Scholastic Dhaka Bangladesh quoted “There were a lot of diverse enthusiastic people. The people of IIPM were very kind and hospitable. They catered to our every need and made our stay very comfortable and enjoyable. The overall combination of these things made it an awesome experience.” Lavin Sadh Dubai Gem Pvt School, Dubai UAE “People at IIPM are so friendly and it is so much fun!!! Delhi Rocks and I love India, and it was a great platform to showcase talent at an international level”.