“An IIPM initiative, Cicero's Challenge is India's biggest and most intellectually stimulating competition. It started as an annual school debate competition vis-a-vis an intellectual journey the brightest young minds could embark upon. It has since been bringing out the argumentative best from prodigious talents around the globe. From India's top schools to some of the most prestigious schools overseas, all have taken the Cicero's Challenge and are due to take it again this year. The theme this year is "Unite to Ignite", keeping in mind the urgent need for change and the stake unity has in its metamorphosis.

Over the years, the debate competition has matured into a cultural festival of sorts with events ranging from Personality development workshops to rock shows; environmental issues to Jam sessions. In the past, we have had international sensations like Air Supply, MLTR, Tata Young and Strings enthral the participants. Students from countries like Italy, Austria, Bosnia, Switzerland, Slovenia, France, Mauritius, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Muscat, Vietnam have participated in Cicero's Challenge previously.

But the real essence of the Carnival is its flagship event, Cicero's Challenge- The Great Indian Debate Competition. The last year calendar is bound to go down in the dark chapters of history for a vast array of reasons ranging from nuclear liability to struggle against dictatorship. The circle of events has only raised more questions while washing out the tentative solutions of the past. If there was ever a need to debate, it is now.
We hold the power to influence the lives of an entire generation, which will then decide the fate of tomorrow.